Crochet Owl Pattern


Here’s a cute little decorative owl. I really love this one, and I especially love the tiny little beak! I just can’t resist. For more details please visit : lovethebluebird

Owl Amigurumi – Mr Murasaki


What better way to start off the list than with a cute, sleepy baby owl? If this owl doesn’t have you saying, ‘Aww!’ then there might be something wrong with you. For more details please visit : craftpassion

Borax Crystals


One of the most magical things about snowflakes is how their surface often looks like a thousand crystals that are sparkling in the sunlight. Make your very own crystal snowflake with a simple pipe cleaner and Borax trick. For more details please visit : sweetandsimplethings

Pepperoni Roll


Super simple: made with bread dough covered in pepperoni and cheese, rolled up and baked in the oven. You can use Pillsbury pizza dough that does not require leavening! A perfect treat for lunch that can be customized to your liking. For more details please visit : whataboutpie

DIY Christmas Ornaments with Yarn


These DIY yarn ornaments are really unique and so beautiful. With the same technique, you can make other patterns of Christmas ornaments, such as bells, hearts, Christmas trees and so on. For more details please visit : decorareciclaimagina

Santa Going Down a Toilet Paper Roll Chimney


A toilet paper roll is painted red with black line breaks to look like a chimney. Two piles of cardboard complete with shoes shaped bottoms are fitted into the chimney to give the impression of Santa close hanging upside down. Paper in the shape of Santa’s black bag of goodies is pinned onto the side

Heart Butterfly Craft For Valentine’s Day


This heart butterfly craft for Valentine’s Day is so cute! With heart-shaped wings and red, pink and white colors, the kids will love it. For more details please visit : gluesticksgumdrops

Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card


Fingerprint Christmas Tree Card! A fun and easy craft for kids to make this holiday season that their parents will love to keep as a keepsake! For more details please visit : easypeasyandfun

Make a Set of Five Ombre Crocheted Coasters


If you know how to crochet, why not whip up some of these for the breakfast nook? Use different colors or how with a more neutral flow. For more details please visit : tutsplus

Owl Granny Square Crochet Pattern


This little Free crochet pattern making little Owl Granny Squares are just too cute and perfect. Oh I could imagine a little blanket with thee dotted about in it! Lovely lovely lovely! For more details please visit : repeatcrafterme